Color Seal

Color Restoration Sealing Process

  • Color Sealer eliminates variations in grout color due to stains, uneven color lots, uneven curing, fading or damage.
  • Color Sealer provides a water-tight, stain resistant durable layer of protection. And with it’s fungicides, bactericides and mildicides built right in, it insures sanitation for many years.
  • Color Sealer can match almost any grout color. You can maintain the original grout color uniformly from wall to wall, or change to a completely new color.
  • Color Sealer is virtually odor-free. There is no need to leave while the sealer is being applied.
  • Best of all, our Color Restoration Sealer GREATLY reduces the maintenance required to keep your floor, wall or counter top looking it’s best.

Click here to see sample color seal charts.

Color Sealer Can Correct Grout Color Mistakes on New Floors

Have you ever installed a brand new tile floor only to find out after the grout has been installed that the color did not come out the way you have envisioned? This has happened to many of us and in the past we have just learned to live with the mistake. Color sealing can correct this mistake by custom coloring the grout while protecting the grout from stains, mold, mildew and bacteria. And the best part? You cannot tell the grout has been color sealed. Acadiana Turbo Clean’s high tech color seals will look like it was originally installed that color with no “coated look”.

Clear Sealer Provides Some Protection

Without some sort of protection, even regular mopping can leave grout looking dirty and uneven in color. Very soon the appearance of your beautiful tile floor is marred by unsightly grout lines. When grout is new and unstained – it should be protected. The clear sealer is applied to clean, dry grout. Clear sealers provide some protection against oil and water stains – which means you have a short time to clean up spills before they leave a permanent stain.
Clear sealers are actually removed slowly over time as the floor is cleaned.
To be fully effective it is recommended to reapply the sealer, at least, annually.

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